L2 Review Example

This (anonymized) review is a good example of the length and depth we expect for a candidate for promotion to Level Two.

Reviewer Role: Head Judge

Subject Role: Floor Judge

Tournament: A Large RCQ


You had a good plan for taking care of End of Round, which works well at this scale of tournament, and smaller other things at this specific store. I would encourage you to discuss/explore some of the more advanced tools and strategies that get used at larger events. If you choose to apply for larger events, try to observe and learn how End of Round is run.

You showed good hustle getting to many judge calls. The tournament room can be tight, so making an effort to move quickly is important.

Areas for Improvement

You should be careful about your language when you give rulings. Its acceptable to explain how policy works, and explain how it applies to the situation and is fair, but I would avoid being apologetic, or using words like “unfortunately…” during rulings. Judges are here to apply the rules, and we don’t need to feel guilty or encourage players to blame us for applying the rules as written.

We talked a lot about HCE today. I think you have a good understanding, but I would still encourage you to look over the rules specifically and think through some scenarios. Its clear that these situations are going to happen a lot in competitive play, and I think there is a lot of value in you knowing and being able to apply that policy well.