Event Admin

How to Become a Judge Foundry Event Admin

1. Become a member of Judge Foundry

2. Receive an endorsement review from a Judge Foundry Event Admin, including at a minimum the following evaluated items:

  • Demonstrates compassion, kindness, and respect for all customers.
  • Can remain calm in a busy environment and stressful situation.

3. Pass the Event Admin exam with a score of 70 or better


The Judge Foundry Event Admin certification bestows several benefits. Judge Foundry Event Admins are valued members of the Judge Foundry community, who are part of the community and may voice their opinions in leadership elections. 

Certified Event Admins receive the following privileges as members of Judge Foundry

  1. Use of title Judge Foundry Event Admin
  2. Access to private Judge Foundry resources, forums, and chats
  3. Right to vote in Judge Foundry leadership elections
  4. Ability to certify Event Admins