Judge Foundry is a training and certification nonprofit for tabletop gaming officials.


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About Us

Our Mission

Judge Foundry forges high-quality tournament officials in the crucible of mentorship. We foster a member-driven community in the United States and Canada to create outstanding player experiences while providing judges the opportunities to develop and grow

Our Vision

Judge Foundry will provide a training and certification program that will:

  • Give judges a sense of pride, ownership and community that inspires them to invest in their peers and in their work.
  • Give tournament organizers the tools and expertise to staff their events with high-quality judges focused on creating a positive experience.
  • Give publishers confidence to create ambitious organized play environments for players at all levels.
  • Give players a fair and fun tournament experience at every event.

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Latest Articles

June 6, 2024

Regional Leadership – The Regional Advocate

When Judge Foundry stood up, a question that was frequently asked was: What do you want/expect to get out of Judge Foundry?  When answering this question, many current and prospective members expressed desire for regional leadership. A regional leadership structure was proposed and published for feedback prior to adoption by…

June 6, 2024
May 28, 2024

Spring 2024 Level Tune-up

We’re making a few small changes to Judge Foundry’s levels. Read about them, and how you can give feedback.
May 28, 2024

Transfer your Judge Level

Active judges joining from other programs can join Judge Foundry at their current level. And lapsed judges can regain their old level once they become active again.