Multi-Judge Events

Many terms have been used by the community to describe large events, and for the purposes of L3+ advancement, we need to define one of those specifically, and are choosing multi-day event as our keyword. Multi-day events occur at the same location across multiple days, typically feature multiple tournaments, scheduled events, on-demand events and open play. SCGCon and MagicCon clearly qualify, along with other regional events like the NRG series; enumerating all of them would be impossible. Having a single main event, or an event that is played over multiple days is not a requirement. A local game store running an RCQ-qualifier weekend with one RCQ on each of Saturday and Sunday in their store does not qualify, unless that local game store incorporates additional elements seen at large events. It’s left up to the interviewing L4+ to verify this, but feel free to inquire about specific events that might be unclear.

As of March 2024, Judge Foundry is also counting single-day events that are part of the Face-to-Face Tour in Canada as multi-judge events. At these events, one Super Qualifier will be designated at the headline event, based on which tournament is expected to have the best attendance. Judges who are fulfilling requirements to advance or maintain their levels are encouraged to work a variety of events, including events that span multiple days, to acquire the broad skills that will be evaluated for advancement.