Time Extension Landing Page

If you’re reading this page, you probably received a time extension. Congratulations and/or sorry! Here’s some info about time extensions and some information about Judge Foundry.

About Time Extensions

Because a judge call took time out of your match, the extension restores that time so you and your opponent still get a full fifty minutes to play your match.

When time is called in your round, keep playing! Your time extension will end when the clock hits a number of minutes equal to the extension.

If you don’t already have a judge at your table when time is called, you can call one who will keep track of your remaining time and answers any other questions you have.

If a player was given a Warning for Slow Play, instead of extra time, you’ll receive an additional two turns on your match (if you’re playing Magic). This means that, instead of playing five additional turns after the clock hits zero, you’ll play a total of seven additional turns. Or, if you both committed slow play, nine additional turns. That’s so many turns!

If you have any other questions, please alert a judge.

Become a Judge

If you enjoy tournaments, you might enjoy judging tournaments. Judges help players have a great experience at every tabletop event, by answering rules questions, resolving disputes, fixing problems, and keeping tournaments moving forward.

Judge Foundry is the judge program for the United States and Canada. We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring great judging for events, so our members can provide top-tier service to players and tournament organizers.

Click here to learn how to become a judge.