Announcing the Elections and Conference Project Leads

We’re excited to announce today the leads of two Critical Projects, whom the Board selected to drive some of the most important services Judge Foundry provides.

Dan makes announcements at Battle Hardened  Baltimore. Photo © John Brian McCarthy
Dan makes announcements at Battle Hardened Baltimore in 2023. Photo © John Brian McCarthy

Dan Collins will be Chair of the Elections Committee. Dan is a Level Five Judge who’s served the community in myriad ways, including as a developer on JudgeApps, a member of the Judge Program’s Exemplar team and Judge Conduct Committee, and more. Dan is also active in the Flesh and Blood Judge Program, where he recently served as Head Judge for Pro Tour Los Angeles. 

As Judge Foundry’s Parliamentarian, Matt Schafer will be serving as the Vice-Chair of the Elections Committee. Matt is a Level One Judge who’s been instrumental in the formation of Judge Foundry, writing our bylaws and running our meetings to ensure that we’re compliant and fair. 

The Board also approved the charter for the Elections Committee at our March meeting, laying out the remit of the committee. It was important to us that we set out, right from the start, that we want this committee to largely operate without our direct control, because it’s critical for the principles of transparency and accountability that Judge Foundry’s elections be fair. Dan and Matt are recruiting committee members – if you’re interested in applying, please fill out this form

Ward scorekeeping at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open in 2023. Photo © John Brian McCarthy
Ward scorekeeping at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open in 2023. Photo © John Brian McCarthy

Ward Warren will be leading the Conferences Project. Ward is a Level Four Judge who, like Dan, has worn many hats in judge programs past and present. You probably know him best from his role as Assistant Manager for Organized Play at StarCityGames, but he’s also the leader of the Advanced Roles project for Flesh and Blood and was the first FAB US Nationals Head Judge. Ward has run many conferences over the years, and his experience here was part of why we selected him for the role.

We’ll be sharing the Conferences project charter soon, but in the meantime, if you’d like to get involved with the Conferences team, please email

Please join us in thanking Dan, Matt, and Ward for their service to the community!