Regional Coordinator Applications Now Open

At our board meeting on March 27th, we approved the proposal for the plan to create regional leadership within Judge Foundry. You can read the proposal here

The next step for this project is to select a Regional Coordinator, who will lead the formation of the regional leadership, and give updates to the board on its progress. 

If you’re interested in the position of Regional Coordinator, you can show interest by filling out this form. Applications close in about a week, on Friday, April 5th at 11:59pm Pacific. 

After applications close, the board will review them and make a selection. It’s possible that we’ll have some follow-up questions, so please have access to email on April 6th and 7th. We plan to announce our selection on April 8th. 

David leads the end-of-day meeting with judges at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open in 2024. Photo © John Brian McCarthy
David leads the end-of-day meeting with judges at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open in 2024. Photo © John Brian McCarthy

The Regional Coordinator Role

The proposal describes this position as: 

The Regional Coordinator is a position appointed by the Board.  This position is the “owner” of the Regional Advocate definition. They represent no region, but rather serve to help Regional Advocates (RAs) do their job. A Regional Coordinator is tasked with guarding against RA “scope creep”, as well as providing advice and guidance to RAs in performing their task. RC helps ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities from the previous RA to the new RA in cases where a new RA was elected. They are also responsible for bringing to the board’s attention any RA that is not performing their duties.

Advice for Applicants

There is a single question on the application: “Why would you make a good Regional Coordinator?” , along with room for a short cover letter.  

Here are a few pointers that might help.

  • Don’t give us your entire judge resume. We care about how you might have been involved in regional leadership previously, but not every event you have judged. There isn’t a word limit, because, as Mark Twain once wrote, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” But anything past the first page probably won’t help.
  • Show us that you’re familiar with the details of the regions proposal and the responsibilities of the RC position.
  • Lay out a realistic but aspirational vision. We recognize that there’s only so much volunteer time you can muster, and that’s okay! But we also want to encourage ambitious objectives.
  • Consider potential pitfalls like “a region has no candidates for RA”, and provide a brief outline of what steps you would take to resolve.


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