Announcing the Second Class of Level Four and Five Judges

Judge Foundry is proud to announce its second wave of Level Four and Level Five judges. These judges were promoted today as a result of the expedited and automatic advancement processes. Congratulations to everyone who met the stringent requirements.

Applications for further automatic and expedited advancement are now open.

Level Four

Matt Karr

Matt has been involved with Magic since Ice Age and with judging since New Phyrexia. In his off time from Magic, he’s either trying new restaurants or nose-deep in a spreadsheet.

Brandon Welch

In 2013, Brandon achieved his lifelong goal as a magic player to make day 2 of a Grand Prix, then promptly quit to become a judge. This worked well in conjunction with his Mechanical Engineering degree as he’d already learned how to handle stressful and strenuous situations.

Ryan Wood

Ryan was certified in 2014, his first large event was Vegas 2015, and he has worked over 70. Ryan holds certifications in 3 games, and will gladly talk your ear off about any of them, or the End of Round process.

Level Five

Paul Baranay

Also known as Bearz, Paul has been judging since 2012, and their life has never been the same. He lives in New York City with his partner and about a dozen pieces of original Magic art (mostly bears).

Shawn Doherty

Shawn certified as Magic Judge in 1999, advanced to Level 3 in 2002, and was Regional coordinator of the Northeast US for 5 years. During his time as a judge he has worked high-level events around the world, while working local events in Chicago and Philadelphia areas.

Jon Goud

Jon continues to be a leadership figure in the Canadian judge community. Jon can be seen bringing his special blend of “fair but fun” Regional Championships in Canada and major competitive events in Atlantic Canada. Outside of judging Jon is a lawyer, a dad, a musician.

Daniel Lee

Daniel first certified as a Magic Judge in 2004. Based out of California, he has judged events all across North America. He is desperately eager to travel to even more countries’ events. Fair warning if you ever play against him – he is well-known to play Storm in all formats.

Joseph Steet

Joseph lives in the Buffalo area with his wife, child, two cats, one Owl, two Falcons, and two Hawks. He got married in the same Judge shirt he made L2 and L3 in, which was actually his wife’s idea.