Lost Caverns of Ixalan Update Quizzes Have Been Found

The very first update quizzes for Judge Foundry members are now live to help you test your knowledge and get familiar with the set that just launched! Normally, these quizzes will launch closer to the set release date, but when this set was released to the public, Judge Foundry still hadn’t! A Dreadmaw-sized thank you to Nathan Long and Tobias Vyseri for writing most of the questions on this season’s quizzes.

There are two quizzes available: one for Level Two and Level Three Judges, and an advanced quiz for Level Four and Level Five Judges. Questions from these quizzes waterfall down into the certification exam pools, so in addition to improving your own rules and policy knowledge, you’re also improving our tests for future judges when you take an update quiz (this is also why we separate them by level – no peeking!).

Adam gets chomped by a dinosaur at Grand Prix Rimini in 2016. Photo courtesy Adam Eidelsafy
Adam gets chomped by a dinosaur at Grand Prix Rimini in 2016. Photo courtesy Adam Eidelsafy

While certification exams are on paper, in-person, and closed-book, all update quizzes are designed to be taken online and open-book (though double-checking the IPG might be a problem if you’re a tyrannosaurus with tiny arms). The passing score on these quizzes is 60%, and there’s a deep enough pool for each judge to take each quiz twice (feel free to take it again if you pass your first attempt and want to see more questions – we’ll only count your highest score). As a reminder, update quizzes are an important maintenance component for L2+ Judges. By passing the update quizzes, you can avoid having to take an annual maintenance exam, so it’s worth taking the time each season to take the appropriate update quiz.

So head over to the Exams section on JudgeApps and take your update quiz today! If you have feedback, make sure to click the “feedback” link after seeing your score so we can improve questions for the next test-taker. These exams will remain open until we post the Murders at Karlov Manor update quizzes in February.

Good luck and have fun!


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