March Forward with our Board Meeting on Wednesday

This month’s Judge Foundry Board of Directors meeting will happen tomorrow, March 27th, at 8pm Eastern. As always, you’re invited to join us on YouTube.

Brook gives a thumbs-up at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open in 2024. Photo © John Brian McCarthy

We’re once again taking your questions for the Q&A portion of the meeting – you can ask them on JudgeApps and we’ll answer every question that gets posted. Question submission closes at 3pm Eastern on Wednesday (so we can have time to discuss the questions and our responses) – submit your questions right now so you don’t forget!

Here’s the agenda for this week’s meeting:

  1. Welcome, Call to Order and Verify Quorum
  2. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
  3. Membership Update
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Member Q&A
  6. New Business
    1.  Approval of Elections Committee Charter
    2. Announcement of Conferences Project
  7.  Returning Business
    1. Vote on Regions Proposal