Board of Directors

Judge Foundry’s Board of Directors is elected annually in September, and serves until September 30th. To contact the Board, please fill out this form.

Paul Baranay


Paul Baranay is a judge from New York City, active since 2012. Also known as Bearz, they have mentored dozens of judges and officiated events at every level, from local Prereleases and PTQs, to Grand Prix and the World Championship. Paul is a senior software engineer and loves to Cube.

Amanda Coots

President and Director

Amanda Coots has judged large events regularly since 2015 as a floor judge, scorekeeper, team lead, and head judge. Outside of TCGs, Amanda works as an engineer, focused on operations and training. She is also the Association Director for Odyssey of the Mind – Texas, a non-profit organization that runs creative problem-solving competitions for students K-12.

Joe Klopchic

Vice-President and Director

Joe Klopchic has been judging since 2009. He has judged events of all sizes, from local weekly team drafts to organizing the Hunter Burton Memorial, a nonprofit Magic event held annually in Texas. Joe is a software engineer and spreadsheet enthusiast who works at a startup.

John Brian McCarthy

Treasurer and Director

John Brian McCarthy, from Arlington, VA, has been judging since 2013. He’s judged over a hundred large tournaments, including serving as a Grand Prix Head Judge. John Brian has two decades of experience working in marketing and strategy for the non-profit sector.

Rob McKenzie

Secretary and Director

Rob McKenzie is a judge from Minnesota, active since 2004. He is the former Regional Coordinator of the USA North region. More recently Rob has been working frequently with Magikids, the largest Magic focused nonprofit in the world, doing promotional and learn to play work.