Crack the Case of the Murders at Karlov Manor Update Quizzes

The update quizzes for Murders at Karlov Manor are now available. There is a standard quiz for Level Two and Level Three Judges, and an advanced quiz for Level Four and Level Five Judges. As with LCI, each quiz is five questions: four on rules and one on policy.

Update quizzes are designed to be taken online and open-book. The passing score on these quizzes is 60%; L2 and L3 judges can take the standard quiz three times, and L4 and L5 judges can take the advanced quiz twice.  If you want to see more questions, you’re welcome to take the quiz again even if you pass the first time; we’ll only count your highest score.

Seth, Ash, Steven and Sam solve a mystery
Seth, Ash, Steven and Sam solve a mystery. Photo courtesy of Steven Zwanger

As a reminder, update quizzes are an important maintenance component for L2+ Judges. By passing three update quizzes in the course of a year, you’ll complete a maintenance requirement, so it’s worth taking the time each season to take the appropriate update quiz.

Go to the Exams hub on JudgeApps and take your update quiz today!  If you have feedback, make sure to click the “feedback” link after seeing your score so we can improve questions for the next test-taker. These exams will remain open until April 9, shortly before the release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

Thanks to John Brian McCarthy, Nathan Long, and Tobias Vyseri for writing questions for the quizzes. If you’re interested in submitting questions for future quizzes, please feel free to contact me!


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